Sunday, September 17, 2006


On Coraline:
This book was assigned to my 8-year-old at school, and I decided to read it myself after he said he was afraid to look at it when he was alone.
Even as an adult, I was pretty creeped out by the demon-mother character, and it was completely inappropriate for a second-grader.
I think it borders on abusive to give this book to any child younger than 10 or 11.
I know the book is creepy. I'm in high school and I have a friend who couldn't get through it because it scared her so much. If I were in charge of such things, I probably wouldn't assign it as school reading because it is frightening.

But it's not inappropriate, nor is it abusive. Your kid can't cope with it, but that doesn't mean that all the other kids are terrified of it.

This one is mostly amusing for the odd spelling:
This book is prity cool it gets you interested .It is a funny book this is what it is about. It is adout a littol girl named corilin she lost her mom and dad and she whent to go find them and she got lost in another world. and then she meets a creepy girl that thinks she is her mom. so the girl acts like she is here mom and she tris to mack the girl like her. i didnt like the book but i think you will like it.
Okay, you're not the best speller. But misspelling the main characters name? Particularly when said name is the title of the book? And spelled exactly like it sound?

I'm not even going to get into how little this review seems to have understood the actual story.

Also, although I disagree with the reviewer's sentiment, I do think that this may be the most awesome review title ever:
If Garth Nix Smoked Crack, This Would Be the Result
If you haven't already read Coraline, you should. Unless you scare easily, in which case, don't. It's Neil Gaiman, and thus brillianly creepy.

There's a movie coming out. I hope it's good. The poster looks completely wrong, but apparently it's just conceptual art and the movie is going to be done in stop motion.


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